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How much is a Transmission Rebuild?

How much is a Transmission Replacement?

How do I know if my Transmission is going bad?

What is that noise I’m hearing?

Why won’t my car start?

Is towing Free?

Why is my A/C not working?


Transmission Repair

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Failing or delaying when shifting

Thumping or lagging when shifting

The engine speeds up when you apply the gas, but the car doesn’t

Red, pink, or brown puddles under your car

The need to add transmission fluid


Fleet Services

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Fleet servicing is a major part of our business. We offer free pickup & delivery anywhere in the surrounding metroplex.

  • Automatic Transmission Rebuild

  • Foreign / Domestic Passenger / Pick-Up Vehicles With / Without Overdrive

  • Front & Rear Wheel Drive

  • All Wheel Drive & 4×4’s

  • Transfer Cases

  • Timing Belts / Engines

  • Standard Transmissions

  • Clutches, & Clutch master and slave cylinders

  • Full brake service

  • Full A/C Repair

  • Rear Differential Repairs